06 Oct

Latest Resume Trends 2019

Gone are the days when resumes simply consist of text and plain achievements. While we don’t belittle your achievements, much more is needed in order to make your resume stand out so your prospective employers will take notice. The recent resume trends 2019 all point to creative resumes, whether they be on paper or on various other media. In order to grab the attention of your prospective employer, use a variety of well-chosen colors to highlight your resume.

Resume Trends 2019 Guide

Make sure to use colors that will grab the attention of the reader without being too shocking and causing irritation to your reader. You may use these colors either in paper resumes or an infographic and video resumes.

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Effective Resume Tips 2019

In writing your resume, here are some of the latest resume tips 2019that you can follow.

  • Write a summary of your resume. In one short paragraph, you must able to capture the attention of your reader. In summary, highlight your special skills and your qualities that you think would benefit you in your job application.
  • Create a catchphrase or one-liner that would instantly grab the attention of your reader. While “excellent team member” or “motivated independent worker” are both valued qualities of a prospective employee, these samples have been used over and over again, and your reader might have seen this line multiple times before. Be creative in showcasing yourself using your catchphrase.
  • Be honest in everything you write. You may have the most attention-grabbing, and interesting resume but all of these would mean nothing if you falsify your qualifications and your achievements in your resume. This is the most basic of rules to follow. Write only what you have actually achieved not something else. As you write, sell yourself as a prospective employee for who you actually are, no pretensions whatsoever.

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Creating the Trendiest Resume for 2019

In writing your resume, you may follow the latest resume trends 2019. Similarly, you can also take heed of the resume tips 2019. As you use these guides, make sure that you create drafts of your resume as you write. Follow the samples provided online as you write your own. These guides give you advantage as you seek for employment and further opportunity. Writing drafts provide a means of gaining valuable feedback as well from other people and experts. In doing so, you are not only ensured of a trendy 2019 resume but a well-written and well-presented one as well. Educate yourself as you write your resume. Seek active methods in learning how to write your resume, and this will give you an advantage as you seek employment and opportunity.

Read our guide on latest resume trends 2019 and make your own successful resume!