06 Oct

10 Resume 2019 Mistakes

  1. Forgetting your cover letter.

A cover letter is a good way to introduce yourself while at the same time writing your intentions to apply for the job. This is the opportunity to show your interest and what relevant skills you have to your job. However, sadly, forgetting to write a cover letter is one of the biggest resume mistakes most prospective employees commit. Whether you are submitting an online resume or a resume printed on paper, never forget your cover letter.

  1. Using weird colors and non-conventional fonts.

While it is advised that you add color to your printed/written resume, make sure that you choose colors that are mild to the eyes while at the same time grabbing the attention of your prospective employer. Choose colors that are bright yet not too irritating. In addition, avoid using non-conventional fonts as these may be hard to read and inappropriate for corporate set-up.

  1. Including work experience from more than 15 years ago

While it is important to write a comprehensive resume, experts believe that work experience from more than a decade ago may be deemed irrelevant by prospective employers. One of the resume 2019 mistakes most committed by job applicants is this.

  1. Submitting an outdated resume

As what is mentioned, your resume must be updated and comprehensive. Submitting a resume that has not been updated will surely be your pitfall. Remember to actively build, edit and update your resume as you gain valuable experiences in your career.

  1. Forgetting to add your professional portfolio.

This is especially for designers and professionals whose jobs and careers are web and product based. It is important that you share your personal portfolio, whether it be a link or an actual copy. With a portfolio, you can let your work speak for yourself and this is advantageous as your prospective employer will have a glimpse of your work ethic and your actual skills.

  1. Including irrelevant information.

Indeed it is important to share all your skills but no one really wants to read everything you’ve done in your current or previous positions. The job description is enough to describe.

  1. Using an inappropriate e-mail address.

One of the resume 2019 mistakes still being committed is presenting an unprofessional side of yourself by using childish e-mail addresses. Present yourself professionally by creating a business e-mail that sounds appropriate for the corporate environment.

  1. Inconsistent formatting.

The formatting of your resume is just as important as its content. Make sure to follow consistent formatting.

  1. Summary and objective not aligned to job description.

You may have all the qualifications but if your summary and goal as an employee is not aligned with the job description, your resume may be overlooked.

  1. Lack of keywords aligned to the job description.

HR staff members only take a glance to decide whether to fully read your resume or not. Make use of relevant keywords and avoid one of the biggest resume mistakes of forgetting to utilize these relevant keywords.

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