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Appropriate Resume Teacher Sample 2017

sample resume for school teacher job 2017

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Your Resume Is Critical to Get a Teaching Job

During their job search, education professionals need to get the attention of potential employers and generate enough interest to land an interview. The best tool you have to achieve this is your resume. A good resume will quickly inform the reader that you have the skills and qualifications the position calls for. A mediocre or poor resume will go into the discard pile.

Information to Include in Your Teachers Resume

The resume you submit for teaching positions must show you have the skills and qualifications to do the job. One of the most important pieces of information is your teaching certification. Every state has its own certifications. Potential employers need to know if you have the necessary certifications to work in their school. In addition, you will also need to include your education and employment history. It is common practice in teachers’ resumes to have a targeted skills section as well.

Presentation of Your Teacher Resume

It is a common practice in many fields to get creative with your resume. This is generally not the case in the field of education. Potential employers tend to prefer a traditional professional and the best resumes 2017 with no colors, info-graphics or unusual fonts. Your education and employment history should both be presented in reverse chronological order. There are certain buzz words in the teaching field that are effective when used in moderation on a resume and with examples to support them. Some examples of these are multi-cultural instruction, team teaching, critical thinking, guided reading, differentiated instruction, interactive exercises and interdisciplinary learning. When appropriate use them.

Resume Teacher Sample 2017 Job Applicants Can Use as a Guide

Most people have a difficult time when it comes to writing their own resume. If you are unsure how to create one try reviewing a good sample resume for school teacher job. Obviously, you should never copy another education resumes but you can use a sample to develop some ideas on how to write your own. The following shows the sections and layout of the teachers resume and what information should be included:



Phone Number

E-mail Address

  • Summary: A brief two or three sentence statement that summarizes your skills most relevant to the position being applied for and demonstrates your passion for teaching.
  • Certification: State you hold a teaching certificate in and what type of certification you have
  • Education: Your education should be presented in reverse chronological order. Write out the full name of your degree, the institution where you earned it and the city and state where the institution is located. Provide the graduation month and year for each degree earned
  • Employment history: Employment history should be in reverse chronological order. If you have limited experience you may include your student teaching experience from college and any volunteer teaching or tutoring experience
  • Skills section: Teachers today have a number of tools available including laptops, projectors, tablets, and a wide variety of software programs. List those tools you have experience within this section

Teacher Resume Writing Tips

Here are a few helpful tips and suggestions that you can use when creating your own teacher resume:

  • Customize your resume: The most effective resumes are tailored to each job applied for. Do some background research before sending out resumes and target the specific positions you are applying for. It takes more time and effort but generally produces better results than a “one size fits all” resume
  • Show your passion: Demonstrate your passion for teaching in your resume. The summary section is a good place to do this but providing your teaching philosophy
  • Be brief: Teachers resumes should be one page in length in most cases. Only include relevant information and be concise. The goal isn’t to tell everything about you but to generate enough interest to be granted an interview
  • Proofread you resume: Your teacher resume must be free of any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors

Your resume is the key that can unlock the door to the position you want so put the time and effort into making it as good as possible. Check out our site for a resume teacher sample 2017 job seekers can use to help with creating their own!