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Best Resume Format 2019

The best resumes 2016 include people’s contact information at the beginning of it. People usually decide to state the place in which they live in. They usually include the zip code of their homeland. They also include a phone number in which they can be contacted.  It is very important that you include your complete name and that you provide an address.

Contact  Information

Nowadays, many people decide to include an email address instead of their home address. Remember, that this is one of the most important parts of a resume, since your future client will contact you through the information you provide.
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Main Goal

The best resumes for 2016 include your main objective when applying for a job position. There are many people who decide to include their purpose within their future job. Where should you include your objective? Well, 2016 resumes include them right after the contact information. Remember that your objective should be short. Do not write a complete article stating what you want to do. It should be really short. You may probably want to say about your main goal in just one or two sentences. Make sure that your objective is understandable and clear. It should be concise and precise.


Right after clearly stating your objective, you can proceed to mention about your education. This section is very vital, since in here, you prove that you are qualified for the job. State the places in which you studied.  There are many people who include the names of the school in which they studied high school. They also mention the universities they studied in, or any other course that they might have taken. It is also very important that you mention your skills even if you have not attended any special class. Your job experience can let others know about the truthfulness of your skills.

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The best resume format 2016 also include a list of places in which a person previously worked. It is very important that you talk about your job experience. Sometimes, clients are more interested in the work experience of a person rather than their education. Make a list of all the companies you worked for in the past. Describe what you did. State your past roles within the companies. Make sure to mention the date in which you began working for them and when you finish your contract. To make a resume is not a difficult task as many people think.