30 Jan

Best resume layout

If you’re looking for the best resume layout, you need to start by checking out the latest resume formats and layouts. These are the ultra-competitive resumes, the ones you need to beat to get an interview.

Your resume layout can make or break your job application. If your resume doesn’t deliver, forget it. You’re wasting your time even doing a job application. You need to get this right.

Best resume layout

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How to Create the Best Resume Layout

Most people don’t even really know what they need on their resumes. It’s not hard to do a good resume for dummies. It’s pretty straightforward, really. Your resume format is the key to delivering your resume information. It’s also the key to the success of your application.

To create your resume layout, you need to consider:

Information requirements

  • Are you in a very skills-oriented career environment?
  • Is your work more performance-oriented?
  • Are you in a career path where you’re looking for more agility and flexibility in your career options?
  • Do you need to target specific roles for career progression?
  • Are you self-employed, and need to create a personal profile as part of your resume?
  • Are you at an executive level, and really need to create a super-creative resume?
  • Are you making a career change, or “reinventing” your career and using different skills and knowledge base?

Whatever your resume requirements, you do need to plan your resume strategically. You need a resume that can do any job you need it to do.

The Best Resume Layouts Are the Really Good Fits for Your Needs

The good news for your resume upgrade is that the best resume for you is the one that looks good. You’ll instantly understand and recognize the resume that’s right for you.

For example, from the different needs above, you can see a few options:

  • Skills-oriented jobs need “functional” resumes, which include a lot of information about transferable skills. If you’re a professional, like an engineer or an academic, you’ll find these resumes are excellent, easy to edit and work with.
  • Performance-oriented jobs like sales need high-quality performance indicators built into the personal profile, skills, and work history/achievements sections, in a “combination” resume. (See “presentation” below regarding additional useful resume layout assets.)
  • Resumes designed to improve career agility and specific career path progression objectives are best formatted as “targeted” resumes. This takes a little planning, but it’s worth doing because your resume becomes a working tool for progressing your career.
  • Self-employed people at a senior level need a combination resume, including a personal profile, functional resume information, and targeting.
  • Executive resumes need to be extremely efficient, highly competitive and deliver excellent quality of information. A good resume format makes these resumes exceptionally effective.
  • If you’re making a career change or repurposing your resume for a new career shift, a new format can drastically simplify your move. It’s also useful for removing the obsolete parts of your old resume.

Presentation and Resume Layouts

Presentation matters, but not purely for the sake of just looking nice. A presentation is also directly related to the use of space and information management. This is really important to the success of your resume.

You’ll find that a bit of creativity is a very good way of putting together a great, ultra-competitive resume:

  • Use your layout options to organize each section of your resume.
  • Use color schemes and graphics options to highlight crucial information.
  • Make your resume hyper-efficient with effective layout features, showcase images, and graphs.

These presentation options aren’t gimmicks or cosmetic features. They’re a great way of delivering a lot of useful information. These layouts also help you organize your information for your resume 2019, and make editing and adapting your resume very easy to do.

Check out the best resume layout for you, now. You’ll be astonished at your new resume!