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Brilliant Sample Resume Secretary 2017

example of secretary resume 2017

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What Is a Secretary Job Seekers Best Tool for Finding a Position?

When seeking a position as a secretary many applicants feel their skills and experience are the best asset they have to help them land a position. Obviously, you do need to have the skills necessary to fulfill the job requirements. Unfortunately having top-notch secretarial skills and experience aren’t always enough to get you the job. The truth is there will likely be hundreds of other applicants vying for the same position some of whom have qualifications the equal to your own. A great CV format 2017 that brings your skills to the attention of potential employers can make you stand out from a field of equally well-qualified applicants making it the best tool at your disposal.

What to Include on Your Secretary Resume

A secretarial position may require a wide variety of duties including typing, filing, taking phone calls and messages, organizing meetings, scheduling appointments and managing databases among other things. Secretary Job skills required for a position can vary a great deal. A typical resume for a secretary should include your employment history, education, and specific skills you have related to the position. There is some debate about whether or not to include a photo with your secretary resume. The choice is yours but there are some interesting statistics that may influence your decision. A study done by one job search site showed that potential employers spend just over 6 seconds reviewing your best resumes 2017. The same study revealed that when a picture of the applicant was included, 19% of that 6 seconds was spent viewing the photo instead of reviewing skills. Another survey found 76% of hiring managers automatically reject resumes that include pictures of the applicants.

Sample Resume Secretary 2017 Job Applicants Can Use as a Guide

A secretary skills resume is one that focuses more on the specific skills the applicant has than on their previous employment and educational background. Here is an example of secretary resume layout that focuses on skills:



Phone Number

E-mail Address

  • Summary: A brief two or three sentence statement that summarizes two or three skills you possess most relevant to the position being applied for
  • Skills: A bulleted list of specific secretarial skills you possess relevant to the position for which you are applying. These may include technical skills such as typing or software programs you can use, communication skills such as a second language or preparing reports or any other relevant skills you possess
  • Employment history: Your employment history should be listed in reverse chronological order starting with your most recent position. You should focus on describing duties and responsibilities relevant to the particular position you are applying for
  • Education history: List your educational background in reverse chronological order. Only include your high school if you haven’t completed any secretarial courses or college.

Tips for Writing Your Secretary Resume

It is quite likely you will be competing against a large number of other applicants when you apply for a secretarial position. Here are some useful tips that may prove helpful when creating your secretary resume

  • Target your resume: Customize your resume for the specific job you are applying for. Highlight skills specifically mentioned in the job posting. It will take longer to tailor your resume to each job but the extra work will result in a higher response rate.
  • Get rid of the dead weight: Phrases such as “duties consisted of” or “responsibilities included” don’t actually contribute anything positive to your resume. Eliminate unnecessary words and phrases from your resume.
  • Highlight your most important information: Make use of bullet lists, white space, and bold lettering to highlight the information you feel it is the most important for potential employers to see
  • Proofread: A resume with a single typo or spelling mistake can sink your chances of landing a secretarial position.

Submitting the right resume can greatly enhance your chances of being interviewed for the position you desire. Check out a sample resume secretary 2017 job applicants can use as a guide on our website!