Can You Trust Top Rated Resume Writing Services

Landing a good job is never an easy task. The competition is fierce because there are more job seekers than suitable open positions. Every job applicant should use any kind of strategy to come out at the top when applying for a job. Having a good resume is one of the best ways to catch a potential employer’s attention.

Let’s face it. Most people struggle with making their own resumes. In a case like this, top rated resume writing services are needed to help people get that power resume. Just go online and you will see a lot of websites that offer top resume writing services. But the question is this: Can you trust these resume writing companies with your personal information? The following are the aspects of resume writing websites that need to be checked and questions that need to be answered before acquiring a resume writing service.

Look for Recommendations

Top rated resume writing services that are proven and trusted are bound to have great reputations. Try to seek them out by asking people if they know a good resume writer or writing company to help you out. Ask the opinion of people who you can trust. Do not rely too much on online reviews and top lists because there are fake ones in the Internet. Some companies make their own top resume writing services reviews on companies that they also own. Online reviews can also be filled with false information that is geared for smearing another company’s reputation.

Check if They Have Certifications

Look for a writer or a resume writing company with certifications and training from independent organizations. A great example is the Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) designation that indicates that they have passed certain writing level testing. The organization Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches compile work and tests to train, evaluate and certify writers and companies in the field of resume writing. Be sure that they also have certifications from this organization.

When Were They Certified?

Having certifications is just not enough. You need to check when are these resume writing certifications were attained. Top rated resume writing services keep up with the times. There are changes in resume writing conventions in the past few years. They need to have up-to-date writing techniques that are applicable to current trends in job applications. There are changes in resume writing conventions in the past few years.

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What Else Do Get?

Make sure that the writer or the company that you have chosen to help you offer options and extra services for your resume writing fee. Check if they offer consultations. Make sure that they can give you the freedom to edit a draft version of your resume because a good writing company works with their clients to ensure client satisfaction.

Can They Help Me Customize My Resume?

A great writing service provider does not only produce a finished resume. They also need to offer ways to customize your resume to fit any job position you may want to fill in. Examples of these customizations are adjusting keywords to fit a job posting or adjusting an executive summary to show why you are the perfect candidate for an opening.

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