19 Dec

Check Out New Resume Format

Does this sound like your problem?

  • Your current resume isn’t doing too well.
  • You’re tired of doing job applications for no result.
  • You may be wondering if your resume is the problem.

The bad news is that your resume probably is the real problem. The good news is that the new resume formats are a lot better, easier to work with than the old ones, and you’ll find they’re a lot more successful.

There’s an issue you need to fully understand here. Your resume isn’t “just” a problem. It’s the reason you’re not getting interviews. It’s competing with new resume formats and losing.

The fact is that some latest CV formats are well and truly unable to compete in the modern job market. They don’t provide enough information. They don’t provide the right information, in some cases. If your resume dates back more than about 3 years, it’s really not going to do well in this job market.

The basics of choosing a new resume format

When choosing a new resume format, you need to consider your specific needs. Do you need to list a lot of professional skills? Do you need to show high performance values? Do you need to do both?

Don’t just go looking for a new resume format. Go looking for the right format, something that really looks great, and delivers a lot more value.

Before you make a decision:

  • Check out the latest resume formats online.
  • Look for a resume which fits the needs of your own professional resume.
  • Take the time to identify the differences in the new resumes and your current resume.

You’ll have noticed a few things in all the new resume formats:

  • The new resume formats contain a lot more information regarding skills, performance, and achievements.
  • This information is highlighted, using “magazine” layout techniques, text boxes, and really stands out.
  • There’s a lot of information which is obviously designed to address core skills requirements.
  • The information about achievements and performance uses graphics and photos as visual presentation tools.

OK, now do you see why your current resume can’t compete?

Your current resume simply doesn’t have a lot of that information, does it? It certainly doesn’t have your information that well organized, either, does it?

This is why you need a new resume format. It’s not some sort of bureaucratic exercise. You really do need a much better resume to have a chance against the new resumes on the market.

Considerations and advantages for new resume formats

You can choose your new resume format to suit your preferences. Just make sure that you understand exactly what you need to upgrade your resume. You can use the different formatting options to help you manage your skills, create a personal profile and a lot more.

Now consider the types of resume format:

  • Functional resumes – Great for skills based resumes, good for editing, easy to work with when adapting your basic information.
  • Targeted resumes – Very useful, easy to write and edit, highly effective and competitive.
  • Combination resumes- Combination resumes are basically standard resumes with added features to address things like skills, experience and performance requirements. These resumes are excellent all-rounders and very easy to put together from your basic resume information.

If you’ve formed the view that you need a bit of all of the above, well done.

You’ve fully understood the realities of the new resume formats. They’re all about information quality. Most use at least some form of targeting for each job. These resumes are effectively “hybrids” using multiple features to deliver the required information.

Now- Compare your current resume to these new formats. You can see how easy it is to adapt your old resume to the new formats. Try it. Experiment. You’ll be glad you did, and you’ll create a much better resume.

Image credit: //www.rezmex.com/5036/new-resume-format/