04 May

Chronological Resume Format 2017

When you apply for a job, does it ever come to mind that you should use a chronological resume template to create one, allowing you to begin your quest applying for a job? Well, don’t think that you are alone for that matter. There are many applicants out there who get confused regarding which resume format or template they should use when creating and submitting a resume.

Today, many people commit the mistake of believing that resumes 2017, just like a chronological resume format, are the ones capable of getting them a job. Well, those who believe in that have a point. However, the truth is that resumes are gateways for applicants like to open and close doors towards an opportunity to be employed.

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Why You Should Consider Chronological Resume Format

When creating a resume, you must keep in mind that resumes, whether it’s written out of a functional or chronological resume template, it is a source of possibility for you to get an employer or recruiter interested enough to consider you for an appointment to see them regarding an interview. Now, which resume formats do matter to the success of your application? What about instances wherein you do not fit the mold or that you lack the qualifications or skills to be hired for the position you are applying for, do you still think that any career change resume format would matter?

People may come in different shapes, sizes and preferences. The same thing goes for chronological resume template being one of the three major resume formats available for you to choose and use to your advantage. You may be wondering right now, why this type of resume writing is so popularly used. Why don’t you have a further look into that right now?

  • Chronological resume format usually displays a career objective or a statement for the applicant’s career summary
  • This form of resume writing highlights a chronological listing of all, from the most recent to the past, your employers together with relevant accomplishments
  • Chronological resume template lists your educational information along with special skills and certifications

What not to Include in Your Chronological Resume Format

science-professional-chronological-cvSince the chronological resume template is more beneficial to those who are well experienced when it comes to their work background, applicants who lack the experience or is simply switching from one career to the other, this would simply end up failing your job application. Imagine this, how would you be able to lay out your talents like how your competitors does it if you do not have as much information or idea regarding the job? That is a tough one, isn’t it?

For sure, right now you may have many questions that is lingering in your mind as to how you would approach your application. To help you have a jumpstart writing your resume, start thinking about these terms that you and everybody seem to include in their resume, which often lead to another failed job application. Let’s go ahead and look at chronological resume format must-avoid.

chronological resume format

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  1. Salary negotiable – employers, recruiters or hiring managers already knows that, so why don’t you stop putting that into your resume. Don’t waste precious space.
  2. Responsible for ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­______ – including this term in your chronological resume template is a common mistake that applicants like you do commit. This term, according to most experts and recruiters themselves, is such a no-no. You being responsible for something do not mean that you did it yourself, but instead, it is something that happened to you in your previous work experience.
  3. Experience working in ______ – one more time, experience is a thing that happened to you and not a thing that you achieved or done. Why don’t you describe your background in terms of your achievements for chronological resume format instead?
  4. References available upon request – if you have committed or somewhat wrote this in the past, don’t you think that it might be the sole reason why you failed that job application? Keep in mind that if your possible employer wants it, they would simply ask for it.
  5. Details oriented – it is a good thing that you do pay attention to details. Guess what, everybody else does it, too.
  6. Team player – for the most chronological resume template, it is highly suggested that you avoid discussing about things that should be done in real life and not just by saying it.
  7. Hardworking – this is a total word-buzz. Please do show it rather than have it written.

These are the top 7 terms that you should avoid when writing your chronological resume template. Failure to avoid these terms would surely lead to another road bump into your success of landing that dream job of yours.

Why don’t you practice writing one today with the help of this updated chronological resume format?