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Combination Resume Format 2017

In your quest to getting that dream job, whether it’s an executive position or staff job that you want, you may come across the thought of using either a functional or chronological resume, but the truth is that you do need a combination resume format to make your resume standout. For all you know, a chronological resume is one that focuses on your work history, which then provides it in a reverse-chronological order that is laden with information about your specific job rules along with your accomplishments. This type of resume would work well for applicants who have a stable professional career since it emphasizes on their work experience.

On the other hand, the functional resume displays important skills, which then put little emphasis on an applicant’s work history. However, this type would prove to be a good choice for those who are looking for career change as well as those who have multiple gaps in their employment history. Now, where does a combination resume template come into play? Is it an option that could change the game for applicants who have often failed their quest to seek for a job?

Top Benefits from Combination Resume Template

Aside from a functional or chronological resume format, the hybrid or what is commonly known, as the combination resume format may be the one thing that could change your fate when applying for a job. This resume format does incorporate the best benefits you can get from a chronological format and versatility of what a functional resume is. The combination resume type presents your related qualifications and functional skills that are then followed by a reverse-chronological work history.

Take a look at what it brings to the table. Are you ready for that one? Check out the following.

  1. The combination resume template enables you to state any or all of your most significant qualifications directly and at the same time giving employment managers or recruiters your employment timeline, which any of them would like to view.
  2. If there is anything that is not likeable about the combination resume format is that does include complete details about an applicant’s work history, making job hoppers not benefit from this type of format.
  3. The combination resume template is also a way for applicants to indicate concrete evidence about their qualifications for a certain job. This type of resume format enables applicants to highlight their most significant credentials, allowing them to make that long lasting impression as well as a convincing effect that they are a good fit for the job opening.

Who Should Take Advantage of Combination Resume Format

If you think that you have enough with your resume, think again. There are many applicants who fail to determine whether a functional, chronological or combination resume format is right for them. However, today is all but a different story for you. Everything that you need to know about combination resume is written here. Have a quick look at the following.


combination resume format

  1. A combination resume template is beneficial for graduates, students and entry-level job applicants. It allows you to put an emphasis to your most significant skills instead of your employment history that is filled with gaps.
  2. If you are a worker that possesses a stable, steady work history, the combination resume format should work well for you since it allow you to include a summary of your qualifications to pinpoint your best credentials and qualifications that leans towards the job objective.
  3. Applicants who are also reentering the job scene or market would also benefit from this type of resume format. But again, this format takes an extra kick to hide the fact that you have been off the scene for quite some time.
  4. Career changers who are not looking to make that radical shift or transition to another career path should choose the functional resume format instead of this one.
  5. An older worker who has an extensive work history has to sell themselves with their strongest qualifications or credentials with the inclusion of their summary section to provide focus.

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The Strongest Aspect of Using a Combination Resume Template

When it comes to a combination resume format 2017, it does enable applicants like you to take advantage of all the benefits that it brings to the table. One of the advantages that it has is that offers more flexibility for you to structure your document. The key thing in here is for you to highlight and emphasize your most obvious and relevant career summary.

Other than that, a combination resume sample should state your key or main qualifications right at the beginning of writing your resume. After that, you can incorporate your key skills, job objective, accomplishment highlights, areas of expertise and any related training you may have had in the past. Well then, that is all for now.

Good luck in writing your resume!

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