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Creative Example of an Actor’s Resume 2017

template for acting resume 2017

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Getting Acting Work Still Involves a Resume

So you have decided the daily grind is not for you and instead of a regular 9 to 5 job you are going to be an actor. Do you know how to get a job as an actor? Many aspiring actors may be disappointed to learn the process is much like that for any career path. You must educate yourself in your chosen field to learn your craft and then start “pounding the pavement” looking for work just like anybody else. Your chances of winning the lottery are probably better than being just spotted by some director who recognizes your star potential. Rather you will have to create an actor’s resume and submit it for available job openings. If your resume generates enough interest you will be called in for an interview.

What to Include in an Actors Resume

Actor’s latest resume format 2017 typically lists work experience in the acting field. Other work experience is not included. Acting experience will be broken down into categories. Work done in film, television, theater and more recently web series will be listed separately in different sections. Any acting training you have should be listed. A resume for an actor should also list any special skills you have. This may include foreign languages spoken, dialects, sports you excel at and any technical skills that may be required by a role you audition for. One way in which an actor’s resume differs from others is that it must have a current physical description. This will include your height, current weight, eye color, and hair color. Age or birth date should not be listed as an actor’s resume samples 2017 are always accompanied by an 8 by 10 headshot which casting directors will use to determine the range of ages you can play. The resume should also have any actors unions you are a member of as well as your name and contact information.

An Example of an Actor’s Resume 2017 Applicants Can Use as a Guide

Actors’ resumes follow a fairly strict format that it is a good idea not to deviate from. Resumes should be on a single 8 x 10 sheet of paper so that it is the exact size of your headshot. The following is a sample template for acting resume:


Phone Number


Union Memberships

Physical Description


Show Name – Type of Role – Channel/Network – Directors Name

Show Name – Type of Role – Channel/Network – Directors Name


Movie Name – Type of Role – Production Co – Directors Name

Movie Name – Type of Role – Production Co – Directors Name


Show Name – Character Name – Theater Name – Director Name

Show Name – Character Name – Theater Name – Director Name


Show Name – Type of Role – Production Co. – Director Name

Show Name – Type of Role – Production Co. – Director Name


Type of Training – Instructor’s Name and/or School Name


Skill 1, Skill 2, Skill 3

Tips for Writing an Actor’s Resume

The following are a few tips they may be helpful when you write your actor’s resume:

  • Include the director’s name: When listing your experience no matter what category it falls into always include the name of the director. Other key information is the name of the show and type of role you played.
  • Never combine experience categories: Sometimes you may be tempted to combine the categories when listing your experience especially if you only have one or two credits to your name. Don’t do it. Always keep categories separate.
  • List your most important roles first: There is no rule about listing your experience in chronological order. Organize your experience so that your most important roles come first. If you have a large number of credits to your name omit those that are less important if you have to so that your resume will fit on one page
  • Don’t lie: You would be surprised how often it happens and the actor always gets caught

A great resume might not make you a great actor but it can help you get a foot in the door. See our website for an example of an actor’s resume 2017 applicants can use to learn how to create their own!