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Education Resumes 2017 Writing Tips

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Education resumes are what you need if you’re aiming at work as a teacher or work after high school in 2017, and they’re what you need to capture the attention of the employer for making a tailored resume that works to show the reader you’re a good choice for the teaching position. Check out the following for tips to know when writing an education resume.

Education Resumes: Teacher Resume Formatting Tips

education resumes

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  • Headline: Complete name with your full address, fax number or mobile number and email address
  • Subheadings
  • Career summary highlighting your accomplishments and achievements in the field
  • Educational background, including schools attended, year of graduation and degree earned
  • Relevant licenses, coursework, certification and date if applicable
  • Related work experience, those relevant to the teaching industry (include names of schools, years worked…)
  • Volunteer jobs related to teaching (those that helped you become a better teacher)
  • International work experiences if they applied
  • Honors, awards and recognitions in the field
  • Hobbies and interests

Education Resumes Writing Tips

  • Use subheadings to break down sections and organize the content of your resume. For your personal and contact details, get them listed on top of your paper (headline) so that they can be seen easily.
  • Use teacher resume buzzwords that show your knowledge in the field. Some include lesson planning… choose specifically based on your work experience.
  • Read the job post and start writing once you fully understood it so that you can customize your resume based on it and that you can make the reader realize that you did the research before applying.

Student Resume Format

  1. Personal and contact details, with updated information on home address, mobile number and email address for easy contact
  2. Objective statement is your personal mission or goals in applying; future plans; must not be longer than three lines of text. This will state your future plans or career goals why you applied in the company. It should convey a direct message why you are certain you fit the job posted.
  3. Educational background is academic information where to write your school’s name and its address; you should also note of future educational plans if applicable. You can also list specific courses or subjects in arts, science—that you have taken that are related to the job applied.
  4. Write about any related work positions handled—baby sitter, pump attendant, waiter… you can include those work experiences you think are related or if the skills acquired from such positions could help in the position you are applying. You can also write about volunteer activities, which are going to show you are someone whose life is balanced that you can participate in volunteer works that can make you a better worker.
  5. Awards and recognitions are those specific honors received in school that will show your excellence in academics, sports or music, to name some. You can also list specific accomplishments, such as winning an English quiz bee, an essay-writing contest…
  6. List some important references, such as mentors or other people that have influenced you to know what you know or to pursue a specific path in your career. These should be people that can speak about you and your characteristics.

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Resume Templates for Students Tips

  • List only your most significant achievements, preferably those that have something to do with the job you are applying. You don’t need to list all your accomplishments, but choose wisely if you have many of them to avoid wasting precious space in resume templates for students.
  • programmer-best-cv-templateeducator-teacher-resume-sampleSpeaking of space, make use of it mindfully. Keep your high school or college resume concise and direct to the point. As much as possible, limit your paper to only one page so that you can have the chance to capture the attention of the employer by giving him an easy time in understanding about you and your background in a concise manner of your short one-page resume.
  • As for resume styles 2017, give the reader what he is looking for at a glance by keeping most important details on the top fold of your paper. Don’t hide information in blocks of huge text, but you can make use of bullets when needed. This is done to break sections and give the employer the chance to find what he is looking for without him having to dive into long text. By giving him convenience and ease, you can earn plus points in this application.

There you have the tips to know when writing a resume for the education industry. Don’t forget proofreading and editing your paper so that you can ensure it does not come with any mistakes that might ruin your application. Check your paper several times to ensure you meet the requirements of the employer as posted in the job ad. Apply these formatting and writing tips so that you can achieve your goal and purpose of shining in the application. Learn more tips about education resumes 2017 today!

And begin write you brilliant CV now!