06 Oct

Example of a Modern Resume Format 2019

When you need to create your resume, you need to know about modern resume format 2019. Bear in mind that employers have only 15 to 20 seconds reading your resume that is why you need to include information that is striking.

Recent Resume Format 2019

A resume will sell your capabilities and skills to employer wherein it must need to be a professional document that reflects about your traits and personality. A great resume, it needs to be tailored that uses plain and standard fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana or Calibri.

Profile summary: For resume format latest 2019, one of the things you should not forget is to write about profile summary or objective. You need to be enthusiastic in writing it telling about your skills that beneficial to the company.

Be honest: If you don’t have work experience, it is better when you are honest that including information that is not true. Avoid writing false information because honesty is the best policy.

Do not copy: Originality is superbly essential that is why you should not copy a resume from other sources.

Grammar concerns: It is important that you check your resume multiple times to be sure it does not have any grammatical and punctuation mistakes. If your resume contains mistakes, it will show that you don’t spend time reading and proofreading it.

Simple template: It is better when you write about your objective, experience, achievements, skills and qualifications. You should not also forget about your contact details so that employer will not be annoyed where to contact you.

Customize: Never use a standard resume instead you should create a tailored version of a resume for each company you are applying for.

New Resume Formats 2019

Basic Version:                   

  • Your Name
  • Street address, city, state, zip
  • Phone number, email address
  • Objective statement
  • Summary of qualifications
  • Achievements
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Education and Training

Advanced Version:

  • Include title of position in bold letters below header
  • Mention about core competencies below professional summary which include about related keywords but avoid overloading keywords
  • Create a different section for your special accomplishments
  • Include on job related experience

There you have it the basic and advanced version you can have for yourself. Follow them and do well in your application. Get started today! Moreover, you may learn more about new resume format for freshers 2019 on our site.