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Federal Resume Format 2017

A federal resume or a perfect KSA statement is not easy to write without mistakes because there are many things you need to include. If you want to know about federal resume format, read this page.

Government Resume Format

Knowing government resume format will help you a lot and you are lucky because this page will give you enough ideas on what you need to know.

Complete name


Town, zip, state

Contact number

Email address

  • Citizenship
  • Special hiring authority
  • Federal experience
  • Clearance
  1. Objective: To obtain full-time position in public service
  2. Skill summary: In here, it has three elements, which consist of introductory paragraph. It must include a list of kills that is related to the position as well as skills that acquired throughout the career. You need to highlight this information in your resume.
  3. First element: In this part, you need to write about the introductory paragraph. It must be specific and detailed for every job and position that you are applying for. It is important to highlight your skills that related to the position which include keywords in positions description. You need to be motivated and focused on writing the resume. You need to add your experience whether it is about workforce planning, OHR, diversity management, EEO, business operations, accommodations, statistical analysis and project management.
  4. Second element: In this part, you need to write about your skills related to the position as well as keywords. You need to back up it with specific examples coming from your education and career. You need to list specific accomplishment, highlight numerical results, length of time as well as awards derived from your skills and duties. This is a critical step because you need to relate certain activity related to your career. You also need to show about your accomplishments.

Here is an example:

Create and develop a workforce planning program that ensure accurate utilizing of available resources such as expert in diversity management, solving EEO questions and diversity manager that trained more than 100 staff in external and internal personnel on diversity regulations and rules.

federal resume format

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5. Third element: In this part, you need to write about your acquired skills. You need to present each skill that the employer wants and skills that you possess. Keep in mind that you need to quantify as well as qualify each statement that you make. For instance:

Develop, analyze and test IT business solutions in enhancing business process control as well as tracking such as supervised, mentored and motivated staff. Use experience back judgment with great work ethic as well as irreproachable integrity. Implemented and developed supply inventory program that give detailed reports of available inventory.

6. Employment history: In here, you need to write about the name of the employer, position and title.

7. Accomplishments: You need to write about your career that the employer will understand you better of who you are. Try also to add some of your additional activities and to include honors that you received goals and organizations.

8. Computer software: In here, you need to list all applications and software that you know. You also need to write what level you are. If you have formal training before, you can also write about it.

9. Additional training: You need to list informal and format training, which include accreditations as well as amount of hours in specific field.

10. Education MBA: If you have an MBA education, you need to write about it. In here, you need to write the name of the university, your degree and the time you graduated. You also need to include your GPA score, awards or honors that you received.

11. Volunteer Work and Community Involvement: Do not forget to write about your professional associations if you have. You need to write the name, your duties and other important information.

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  • Contact details
  • Job details
  • Education
  • Training
  • Military service
  • Work experience
  • Certifications
  • Awards
  • Publications
  • Presentations
  • Volunteer service
  • References

The format of a federal resume varies depending on the person. It is important to include all the sections presented above. The resume format 2017 will be your guide in writing so that you cannot make mistakes. There are many strategies that you can use in writing that is why you need to read this page. In writing, you need to write about different background, which include talent, education, skills, abilities and knowledge. A good format will help you to have a successful application because you get new ideas and guidelines.

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Finally, it is important to invest time to make a strategy in writing your resume. You need to read the page thoroughly as well as to identify the keywords and requirements. It is important to use the keywords and important sections throughout your resume. Start to write your federal government resume format today and do not waste your time.

Check the page as your guide so that you will know what to do!