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First Resume Examples for High School Student 2019

Making Your First Job

First Resume Sample 2019

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It sure is hard making a living these days. You should note that a lot of people go to college just to make sure that they eventually find themselves in a respectable job later on in life. Sometimes, even this doesn’t work out too well and some students have to rely on other means of supporting themselves to get by. Luckily though you can make use of first curriculum vitae 2016 examples for high school student so you can get yourself a good side job to keep yourself up and going while in college.

Picking a Side Job

First and foremost, you have to pick a good side job. You have to choose the right resume examples for high school students in order to make the best of everything. You wouldn’t want to end up with the wrong job and have regrets in the matter later on after all. So here’s a list of common side jobs that young students tend to go for in order to support themselves during their college years:

  • Fast Food employee: Yep, there’s nothing like a good fast food. You can be sure that just about any hour of the day, the place will have a large enough crowd to serve. Establishments like these are always looking for good employees who can pick up the slack quickly and keep those legions of customer full and satisfied. While not essentially the best of jobs, this can serve as a kind of platform for you to step on before moving on to more efficient and profitable jobs.
  • Office assistant: This is one of the more profitable jobs out there and is perfect for students looking for a job that can certainly get them somewhere even if their current course fails to get anywhere. However, this can be every bit as hectic as being a fast food employee and perhaps even more so as you’re required to keep up appearances despite being kept on a tight and slowly shrinking schedule.
  • Field assistant: This can mean being an assistant to any kind of menial job from a plumber to a mechanic in a garage. This may not pay much but since you aren’t really required to have much skill in the matter, it’s nonetheless one of the easier jobs out there.

Advantages of a Side Job

resume example for high school student 2016

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With the economy rolling downhill, it’s always good to have something to fall back on. Something like resumes for high school students can certainly help if you want to get a side job as an alternate source of income. Here are just a few things that side jobs can help with:

  • Providing an alternate source of income in case you have financial troubles.
  • Give you something to concern yourself with in case the tedium in your school life proves to be difficult.
  • Perhaps provide you alternatives should your current course falls through.

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Profiting with Side Jobs

So don’t forget how first resume examples for high school student 2016 can prove to be advantageous in the long run. Just be sure to follow resume format 2016 and curriculum vitae 2016!