30 Jan

Helpful Finance Manager CV Example 2017

sample resume for finance 2017

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The Best Tool You Have for Your Finance Job Search

Finding employment as a finance manager can be a difficult proposition even when you have great qualifications. There may be hundreds of applicants for openings posted on finance job websites or other employment boards. A great resume or CV that catches the attention of hiring managers and recruiters and displays your qualifications is one of the best tools you have at your disposal to help you land the finance manager position you are applying for.

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What to Include on Your Finance Manager CV

Finance manager positions are found in a wide variety of fields and in both large and small companies and organizations. Some of the specific skills required and duties you will have to fulfill may vary from position to position. Regardless of the position, your CV will need to contain your previous employment history, your educational background and specific skills and experience you have relevant to the position you are applying for. You may also include organizations you are a member of and awards and any special recognition you have received if it is relevant to the position and don’t forget to choose the best resume format 2017 for yourself.

Finance Manager CV Example 2017 Job Applicants Can Use as a Guide

Many people have difficulty when it comes to creating their own resume/CV. Reviewing good examples of finance manager resumes can provide you with some ideas on how to create your own. In finance, a traditional, formal CV is preferred so it is a good idea not to try and get too creative. The following shows the layout of a sample resume with functional resume format for finance manager and the type of information that should be included:



Phone Number

E-mail Address

  • Summary: A brief statement two or three sentences in length that summarizes the skills you possess that are most relevant to the position being applied for.
  • Qualifications: A bulleted list of specific skills you possess that are relevant to the position being applied for. You should also list any certifications you have relevant to the position such a CPA.
  • Employment history: Your employment history should be in reverse chronological order meaning your most recent position should be listed first. When describing your previous employment focus on duties and responsibilities relevant to the particular position you are applying for
  • Awards and affiliations: Organizations you are a member of that are industry related and any special recognition or awards you have received that are relevant
  • Education history: List your educational background in reverse chronological order. Include the degree earned, date of graduation and the name and location of the institution where you earned your degree.

Finance Manager CV Writing Tips

The fact is many of the applicants you will be competing against for available openings will be submitting CVs with similar qualifications and information to your own. The following are some useful tips to help your finance manager CV stand out from the rest:

  • Target your CV: Sending the exact same CV to every position you apply for is a mistake. Create one “master” CV that contains all of your information. For every job you apply for pull the most relevant information for the particular position from your master copy and create a CV that targets the specific opening. It is more work but is also more effective.
  • Make your CV/resume easy to read: Potential employers will probably be reviewing hundreds of resumes aside from your own. They will initially spend 6 to 8 seconds on each. Make sure your CV is easy to scan by using bulleted lists, bold sub-headings, and white space to highlight important information and to make it easier to read.
  • Quantify your information: Potential employers like to see numbers that reflect how you have helped your previous employers. When possible use specific figures that reflect how big of a budget you managed, how much money you saved and other quantifiable information.

A great CV will attract the attention of potential employers and generate enough interest in your qualifications to get you scheduled for an interview. To view a finance manager CV example 2017 job seekers can use as a guide take a look at our website and see what we have available!