02 Jan

Latest Curriculum Vitae Format

The latest curriculum vitae formats are very different from the old style CVs. These CVs are closer to resume formats, but still, contain the same information as CVs. This is a good mix of modern information and formatting, and if you’re looking for a new CV format, you’ll like what you see with these new formats.

Latest Curriculum Vitae Format

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The latest curriculum vitae formats are making a big difference in the job market. CVs are typically considered a bit too difficult and demanding, but the new CV formats are so effective that they use much less space and are a lot easier to manage.

These new CV formats are “high-performance CVs”. They’re a quantum leap ahead, and they’ve used some features of the latest resume trends very effectively to reinvent the whole idea of CVs for the 21st century.

There are 3 basic curriculum vitae formats you should consider:

Functional CV Formats

In the driver’s seat of the new CV formats, functional CVs are high value-based, extremely efficient deliverers of information for employers. These skills-based CVs automatically build in a full list of core essential skills, delivering critical information effortlessly and effectively in a way old-style CVs simply don’t.

The “all-purpose” range of skills in functional CV formats additionally provides a great way of managing computer screening requirements. Usually, skills and keywords are inseparable in computer screening. The functional CVs easily manage these requirements and tick all the boxes.

Functional CV formats are a big improvement for manual reading, too. Information is well organized, very easy to find, and well laid out. These CVs are easier to edit, too, another major plus.

Alternative Options for CV Formats

Optional CV formats are “niche” formats for CVs. A media CV may use media motifs, and a range of information designed for the professional job market. This approach is very effective for experienced senior professionals, and also enables a good personal profile to be created in context with the curriculum vitae, highlighting achievements.

Alternative CVs often use the features of functional CVs, to list and highlight skills. Alternative CVs tend to be idiosyncratic in terms of being highly individualized and tailored for both specific jobs and specific people. (These CVs are often used by pro CV writers as best practice options for high achievers.)

Targeted CV Formats

Targeted CVs, like targeted resumes are specifically written for a particular job application. This is strictly best practice, particularly for top professionals, a very effective way of making sure that all information is meticulously written in context with job requirements.

This type of CV is all business in every sense. These CVs often use the same materials as functional and Alternative CVs, but highly focused on delivering competitive advantages. This approach is extremely effective and ensures that the resume acts as a very effective asset for applicant selection purposes.

Targeted CVs are generally considered to be the best option at higher professional levels.  A basic CV is just that – Basic. To fully address the information requirements of any job, a basic CV has to be edited anyway, so targeted CVs are the logical evolution of the editing process.

Latest CV Formats Presentation

The latest CV formats also have greatly improved the visual presentation. They’re truly effective in this regard. Graphics, logos, and personalized features like photos are now standard on professional CVs. The best CV formats are highly creative and truly look fantastic.

When you’re trying to decide which CV format is best for your needs, be sure to check out the new CV formats and particularly the new presentation features. You will be astonished at the new options available.

Learn all you need to know about the latest curriculum vitae format and you will be astonished at how much better your CV performs!