12 Dec

Latest CV Format

The latest CV formats are following the lead of current resume formats, to a degree. The new emphasis on skills has done a lot to reinvent the CV as a more dynamic document. This is quite an important step in CV “evolution”, particularly for senior professionals and academics who use CVs as a career asset.

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The Story of the Latest CV Formats

The new CV formats came about as a result of the vast changes in the global employment market. The new emphasis on information quality delivery of resumes naturally carried through to CV formatting.

Although resumes and CVs have many differences, the demand for better quality information was definitely a blessing for CV users. Old-style CVs, like old-style resumes, had definitely hit their use by date. If you look at the old CV formats now, they really are spectacularly inadequate in many ways.

One of the major problems with old style CVs is that they are very bland documents. They simply do not deliver sufficient information regarding a very broad spectrum of basic criteria, let alone essential criteria. These CVs are still around, working within an extremely narrow framework.

If you’ve only ever done one type of job and used one basic skill set, an old-style CV is ideal. If you’ve ever had a life, you need an upgraded modern CV format. The new CV formats are far more competitive, and deliver a far superior range of information very efficiently. Some CV’s can actually now deliver more information on one page than the old-style “book” CVs could deliver in their entirety.

The New CV Formats

Before we start, word of warning – The basic old-style CV format still exists. This is the same basic, too–simple and inadequate format as in the past, simply using new color schemes and slightly different presentation. Ignore this format.

The latest CV formats are much more dynamic documents. These documents include a very broad range of features which are quite similar to functional resumes, including:

  • Career summary
  • Key skills
  • Professional skills
  • Managerial skills
  • References
  • Qualifications
  • Contact details

All of this information can be delivered on one page, using the new CV formats. This is more information than old-style CVs ever delivered. It’s also much better space management for professional CVs, enabling very useful and very competitive presentation options.

A CV doesn’t really have to be one page. The new formatting, however, has permitted CV writing to be much more efficient and far more effective at delivering important information.

CV Formatting Dynamics

The new CV formatting has definitely improved information quality, and it has also definitely made CVs much more interesting reading for employers. The secret to the new formatting techniques is actually based on a combination of better standards of information and good use of software.

The current range of CV formats is essentially based on what’s called “magazine formatting”. This is a range of text inserts, sections, and standout sections, similar to magazine layouts. This type of layout is extremely efficient in use of space.

Current resume formats are also far more effective as a presentation methodology. In the past, CVs were truly epic documents, deadly dull, and rather bland. The new layout dynamics allow CV writers to get on with the job of providing actual information.

One of the most important aspects of new CV formats is what they leave out. In the old-style formats, repetitive chronological work histories took up a huge amount of space. The current CV formats reduce work histories to purely functional levels, rather than large amounts of irritating, unnecessary documentation. Far more space is devoted in modern CVs to functional achievements than simply reciting work history.

If you use a CV, make a point of investigating your options for upgrading your CV to the new format standards. You will be extremely glad that you did, and your CV will look truly excellent.

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