19 Feb

Latest CV Styles

The latest resume styles are basically a sort of evolution of style and adaption to the new demands of the employment market. A good CV is a major asset, well worth your while to explore and investigate as a career tool. A good CV is also an excellent way of putting together a lot of useful information for targeting your dream jobs and goals. That is why it’s so important to get a qualified help to write CV  if you want that your paper showed your knowledge, skills, and achievements on the highest level.

These CVs are a long way removed from the somewhat ponderous, not to say turgid, heavy duty CVs of the recent past. The new CVs are mixes of better information management and better profile options. When you bear in mind that you need to edit your CV for each job application, and that the tolerance for “verbose” CVs is long gone, it’s easy to see why these CV styles are so successful.

CV Basic Styles

The critical components of the new CVs are:

  • Personal info section, contacts, etc.;
  • Profile section, creating a basic identity for your presentation;;
  • Skills, achievements, and performance indicators integrated into doc layout;
  • Work history, less wordy but more informative;
  • Education, training, experience qualifications etc.;
  • References.

CV format styles

  • Magazine style layout – Much more efficient, better use of space, more info, and much more competitive;
  • Font and header management as per InDesign or business presentation standards;
  • No filler materials, all useful relevant facts;
  • Proofread, perfect, looks great.

The New CV Content Style

As you can see, the new CVs are class acts. That’s a critical benchmark. You’re competing against professionals, remember. Your CV has to deliver real grunt-power in terms of making your presence known. Focus on information quality and presentation values.

Customizing Your CV

Customizing your CV is now necessary for every job. Don’t try to wing it with a single all-purpose CV, because it won’t work.  Target your CV to make a perfect match with job requirements. This isn’t “optional”, just do it right.

CV Content Issues

Don’t guess about your content requirements for particular jobs. Check similar jobs, position descriptions, and other relevant information to make sure you’re hitting targets for keywords and computer screening. Not mentioning core skills requirements, for example, can be fatal.

Quality Really Matters

Unless you really like wasting your time doing job applications, quality is your major issue with any CV :

  • Be sure – You need to show you have all the skills and preferably added values as well for any job for which you apply.
  • How good is your information – Typos aren’t the only risk. Have you written anything which could be misleading or misread?
  • The “sell” factor – Good enough, or can you do better?

Never Mind the Hype, Your CV Is a Business Issue

The latest CV styles are a lot more about business than the old CVs. Theory has been replaced by practical structures and emphasis on high quality information. Your CV is supposed to show that you’re the person for the job, with real indicators, quantified values, and measures.

This is a long way from the old style CVs. Even academia has started to demand high value CVs rather than “tomes” of professional grandeur. The professions, too, are becoming much savvier and more demanding regarding information values.

Presentation = Competitive

A good CV delivers both good presentation and excellent competitive values.

Your CV does need to be good as well as look good:

  • Use your layout as your information manager – Combine presentation with space management.
  • Use your information as an attention grabber – Top quality information, interesting indicators, performance measures, sales figures, you name it, your info should be your currency.

The new CV styles are truly good. Check out your options to upgrade your CV. You’ll be stunned by how much better these new CVs are. Still if you feel you won’t cope with the task you can always contact a professional resume writing service 2016 and get help right away.

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