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School Teacher Resume Examples 2019

An example of 2014 resume format for a school teacher should include among other things; the name and contact information of the teacher that should be clearly shown at the top and very beginning of the resume, a short profile of yourself stating in brief who you are and what abilities or skill you have and or the career objective – this should show the teacher’s passion for teaching and their willingness to pursue and improve on their skills and experience in the same or similar field, Core competencies – specifying these gives the employer a quick snapshot of what they should expect from you and your quick skills, your professional experience and contributions you have made can really boost you up the ladder, education and credentials you hold and any other information you may have.

School teacher resume examples 2019 Overview

Teaching Resume Example 2019Teacher Resume Sample

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There are a multitude of teacher resumes examples for you pick from, but which one makes you stand out of the crowd? Your cover letter should give a brief preview of your experience as a teacher along with some proof of your work, which may simply be the schools that taught in previously. If you are certified to teach certain grades it would great to specify this at the very top of your school teacher resume.

What to lookout for in a teacher resume example

To put this simply, teacher resumes examples should have a structure similar to that shown here:

Name and contact

{Provide all your contact info here}

Short Teacher Profile

Core Competencies

Professional Experience & key contributions


Any Additional Info

These are some of the key formats you will find when seeking out resume examples 2019. With a little practice writing a great teacher resume can become a specialty for you and can be something important you can share with friends or family that have an interest in professionally indulging in education.

Points to Note

When selecting school teacher example or template, it is important that it provides for a means for you to communicate some relevant information like; your obligation to the success of your students and how your effort can turn out to merit the school or institution that is to employ you.

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Indicate your most important teaching experiences in the first page of your teacher resume, and highlight your key accomplishments clearly because these show how you contributed in creating a change in the school or community that you served in previously. You could point out how your students learning improved using specific skills and techniques that were previously not incorporated in the student’s study program or how you worked with the teachers there to improve already existing teaching techniques that helped to improve the scores of the students of that school.

Watching the keywords

You should have noticed by now that a lot of employers are now requesting you send a soft copy of your resume online; this is simply because there are scanners that look out for key words that ought to be in your resume. These include words like; teaching and learning, student success, peer tutoring, so use them in your resume.