Top 9 Professional Resumes 2017

Writing an effective resume based on a professional resume example is what can help you land a job because such can be geared towards capturing the attention of the reader with its clean and crisp format and layout. You can show your organization skills with sections that discuss specific and categorized points in your application. Check out the following for some resume guides to use when creating a customized, professional resume.

Nine Professional Resumes 2017

  1. Featured template is a classic and elegant page that has the title and page with borders, adding a touch of uniqueness in the resume. It works well across industries.

    professional resumes 2017

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  2. Professional resume is basic, simple and clean. It has its best templates for all types of industries. It can also be used for applicant tracking systems because it is optimized.
  3. High School Graduate resumes are for the clean and organized professional resumes 2017. Use them for entry-level jobs and college entry resumes.
  4. High school resumes are for high school students aiming to apply for a job while studying. You can use these if you want to highlight your interests, volunteer works and education, too.
  5. Massage resume templates are for remedial massage therapists. These are for generic chronological templates that can focus on your work experience.
  6. Cashier resumes are professional resumes 2017 that can help you land a job as an entry-level junior cashier or as a crew in fast food chains.
  7. Medical assistant resumes are for experienced medical assistant, student medical assistant and so on. These are clean and simple templates to use for effective job applications.
  8. Bio-data resumes are those aiming at using traditional resume formats. They are organized and clear with sections to use and fill up with your information.
  9. Minimalistic resumes are for those looking to create outstanding and cleanly formatted professional resume formats. They have sections, including a headline and subheadings, such as educational background, work experience and other relevant sections.
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Why Write Using Professional Resume Example

It is an art form to write a professional resume because it works to impress with its design meant to highlight specific points about an applicant. You can also highlight your qualifications and skills geared towards presenting yourself properly to the employer. In the process, you can show your value proposition clearly.

The value proposition is what will show or highlight why you are the right person to take on the job. Customizing your resume with professional resume example is also going to help you shine, as it can show that you are keenly interested to become the person to fill in the position offered. It also shows that you have made a research about the company, the job posting and the company’s visions and missions. Tailored professional resumes 2017 also become a sales tool, as it is used to introduce yourself and your value in the best manner possible. They can increase your chances to be invited for an interview because they can reveal that you are an ideal candidate with the right qualifications, knowledge and skills to handle the job.

Tips for Amazing Professional Resumes 2017

  1. Create a precise and direct to the point resume. It is not your autobiography, but it is your application. Thus, you don’t make it too long, which will only send your reader to sleep. What you need to do is to keep it to one to two pages only and never go beyond that to ensure that your resume will be read from the start to the finish.
  2. Write a career summary. It applies to workers that have experience in the field. You can use this section in emphasizing your accomplishments and core competencies needed to take on the challenges you would face when you are chosen for the position. The summary section isn’t longer than six lines of text. You can use either a bullet list or a paragraph to write this section. Choose your wording properly and be able to convey your message clearly with action words and using the active voice.
  3. Use buzzwords and keywords. Buzzwords are industry terms to reveal your knowledge in the field, while keywords are specific phrases and terms used by applicants to get their applications more exposed to the employer in applicant tracking systems (ATSs). You can increase your chances of being searchable on jobs’ database by using good keywords, which have something to do with the job you are applying for. When you talk about buzzwords, on the other hand, you don’t need to complicate but simplify the process. You don’t need to use jargons and highly technical terms, which are just prone to being misunderstood.

Follow these tips geared towards making professional resumes 2017 for an increased job application success. Don’t fail to follow these tips and tricks to avoid the mistakes in your application.

Finally, read and edit your customized resume for the best results.