06 Feb

Trendy Example Business Resume 2017

business professional resume template 2017

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Creative Business Resume Can Attract the Attention You Need

So you have an excellent education, years of experience and are well qualified for the business position you are applying for. Put all your information showing how great you are in your resume and you are certain to get a favorable response when applying for a job. Sadly, this is usually not the case. Chances are there are hundreds of other applicants for the same position and at least some of them are also well qualified for the job. Your resume can easily become lost in the sea of other applicants. However, don’t give up hope. There are some trends in resume creation that you can use in your business CV to catch the attention of potential employers and let them know how well qualified you are.

What to Include in a Business Resume

The purpose of today’s latest resume format 2017 is the same as it has always been. That is to display your experience, skills and qualifications to potential employers in order to show them you are the best choice for the job you are applying for. You will do this by providing your employment history, education background, and skills that qualify you for the position. The difference in resumes today is not so much what you include then in how you present that information.

Typical Business Professional Resume Template

The following is a typical layout for a business resume:


Contact Information

  • Summary: A brief synopsis of your business career that highlights two or three of your strongest skills.
  • Qualifications: A bulleted list of skills you possess related to the position being applied for
  • Employment history: Typically your employment history should be in reverse chronological order meaning your most recent position should be listed first.
  • Awards and affiliations: Organizations you are a member of that are industry related and any special recognition or awards you have received in the industry
  • Education history: List your educational background including any technical in reverse chronological order. There is no need to include your high school

For the most part this is the same information that will be on both a traditional and a trendier resume.

Trendy Example Business Resume 2017

By reviewing a resume sample business job applicants can get some ideas for how to write their own. The following are examples of some latest resume trends that you can use to catch the attention of potential employers:

  • Targeted resumes: A resume targeting a specific job is more effective than a generic CV. For example, maybe you are applying for a position as a business analyst. Review the business analyst job duties in the posting for the position. In the employment history section of your resume focus on the business analyst job responsibilities you had in previous positions most relevant to those in the posting. In the summary and qualifications sections use keywords and focus on skills you have most relevant to the position you are applying for.
  • Use color and shading: Proper use of color and shading can make your resume stand out. In most business fields you won’t want to get too creative but a border around your resume in a subtle shade can make your resume stand out and still look professional
  • Highlight you most important information: Use bulleted lists, bold lettering and sub-headings to highlight the information you most want potential employers to see. Don’t overuse these techniques or nothing will stand out. The idea is for those three or four things you most want the reader to know to jump off the page at them

Tips for Writing Your Business Resume

The following are some helpful tips you can use when writing your own resume:

  • Begin every paragraph or bullet point with a strong action verb
  • Quantify your achievements by using figures, dollars and percentages in your resume.
  • Eliminate filler words and phrases such as “responsible for” and “duties include” from your resume. They don’t add anything and take up valuable space

Some subtle creativity can make your resume stand out without going overboard. Review a trendy example business resume 2017 on our website and apply some of the techniques when creating your own!